boudoir photographers in topeka ks

The chick behind the lens


I am a wife, mom & creator of intimate boudoir images.

I also own Danielle Garza Photography where I photograph weddings, newborns and lifestyle family sessions.

Here at Basically Boudoir, we strive to empower women. We want them to see the beautiful, powerful, brave, bad ass women that they are.

We are NOT a pinup style boudoir business. We specialize in natural/candid boudoir sessions. We want these images to be similar to the look that you would have in your own home. We use very little props and they typically consist of furniture pieces such as beds, couches and other similar items. We want our clients to be the focus of attention NOT the props that they are holding or wearing, unless it's a sexy piece of lingerie.

We have professional hair and makeup artists come in, to prep and pamper our clients.

I have a studio closet filled with sexy bodysuits that range in a variety of sizes, that my clients are free to use.

Clients are also encouraged to bring in their own lingerie as well. I can assist in online shopping and finding the perfect pieces for your session.

Once your session is complete, I will hand edit all of your amazing images. To keep your images private, I do NOT offer an online gallery. You will come in for a meeting so you can see your images, pick out your products and design your leather album layout.